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Martial Arts and the Perfectionist

Author: Calasanz Martinez

I appreciate martial arts students who want to do everything perfectly. They are usually very committed and hard working. They sign up for classes ready to train and full of enthusiasm!

Unfortunately http://www.cheapairmax90nike.com/ , this enthusiasm disappears very quickly. The one problem is that perfectionists worry themselves to death! They start off with a very positive attitude, but set the bar so high that they get depressed and disappointed if they can't meet their expectations.

Students with such high anxiety also tend to ask a lot of questions and over-analyze. Instead of enjoying their martial arts training, it becomes stressful. Some don't want to take promotion tests because in their minds cheap air max plus , they are never really ready! Nothing they do is ever good enough.

When students are over thinking and over analyzing they are stimulating the wrong part of their brain for learning martial arts. Some thinking is involved, but for the most part with martial arts as in all athletic endeavors learning comes by FELLING your way through things. If a student is working their way though a new movement and standing still thinking, scratching their head cheap air max 95 , talking to himself or herself, calculating, without any movement - step in! Get them out of that habit and make them move and feel their way through the movement.

I've taught martial arts for over 30 years because I love teaching. I don't like to give up on the perfectionists. They can be superior athletes if trained properly. My best approach is to:

* Encourage them to lighten up! I have to constantly remind them not to be so hard on themselves.

* Limit the amount of questions I allow during a class. I can't ignore all questions cheap air max 97 , because some are legitimate. A martial arts class however should not consist of a lot of chitchat. Most people want to work up a sweat and learn the art. Too many questions can also annoy other students so focusing on everyone getting a good workout is important.

* During open workout sessions, I specifically direct the perfectionist on what they should do for that hour. Some students are so self-directed that they show up to an open workout with an agenda and can keep busy for an hour. Perfectionists need a plan. Give it to them! They'll rise to the occasion.

* Don't be afraid to correct perfectionists because you feel it will upset them. An instructor who feeds into this is not really teaching. Constant praise is counterproductive and doesn't help the student learn. Make constructive corrections and tell the student how to improve!

Above all, focus on the overall learning experience. When directed by a knowledgeable instructor cheap air max 90 , perfectionists have the potential to be outstanding martial artists. Encourage them to enjoy the journey!

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