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Once again White Danny Shelton Jersey , the New England Patriots are on the doorstep of the Super Bowl: on Sunday, they will play for their ticket in the AFC Championship Game — all while being led by the greatest quarterback to ever sling it, Mr. Tom Brady. While 41 years of age, Brady is still among the NFL’s best and not showing any signs of slowing down. However, the end is inevitably on the horizon for the future Hall of Famer whenever it might actually come.Consequently, the Patriots will need to start looking towards the future at one point. For ESPN draft expert Mel Kiper Jr, this point has come as his latest mock draft shows:Daniel Jones, who declared for the draft two weeks ago and will not return to Duke for a fifth year, is an interesting prospect — one that is coming off a good but not great third season as the Blue Devils’ starter: appearing in 11 of the team’s 13 games, he completed 60.5% of his pass attempts this year for 2,674 yards, 22 touchdowns and 9 interceptions. Solid numbers White Stephon Gilmore Jersey , but enough to put him on the Patriots’ radar in the first round?Let’s dig a little deeper.Jones has an intriguing combination of size — he stands at 6’5, 200 lbs — and footwork to serve as a pocket passer in the offensive scheme New England currently runs. Furthermore, the 21-year old has a natural feel for the pocket and is a smart player capable of going through his progressions and reads. He also has the necessary arm talent and is displaying good touch on intermediate and deep passing attempts“Jones knows how to arch his back, dip his shoulder and really launch a throw for distance, and due to the fact that he does have such a feel for the football, he’s often quite accurate with throws of long distances,” says The Draft Network’s Trevor Sikkema about him. Despite all his positives, however, Jones still comes with his fair share of questions as Sikkema also points out.“I like a lot of Jones’ game, but watching him fail to have the ball velocity I believe is needed in the NFL makes it tough for me to think he’s anything more than a mid-round guy,” Sikkema continues. If the Patriots think that they can work with Jones’ technique to get him to a point at which he can overcome his issues with zip and compete against NFL competition, it would not be a surprise if they at least had him on their draft board.Still http://www.authenticsnewenglandpatriots.com/cheap-rex-burkhead-jersey , the team might view him as too big of a project to use their first-round pick. That being said, Jones would enter a perfect environment in New England: he would have time to sit and learn behind an established starter, while also being coached by arguably the best offensive staff in all of football. If there is a team to unlock Jones’ potential, it is the Patriots — and if they feel the same way, he might come to Foxboro early in the draft.Coping With Loss: Jacksonville Jaguars Edition It would seem that I write one of these every single September.The Patriots lost their first game, which means you fall into one of two categories: you’re either already over it and looking forward to seeing what Josh Gordon will do catching passes from Tom Brady, or you’re one of those sky is falling folks who isn’t happy with New England boasting a Top 10 defense at the end of the season because they’re using September to test different personnel groupings and find out which combination of players works best. But no matter where you fall on the spectrum, nobody likes to lose, so here are five positives we can take away from Sunday’s Jags game.It’s Week 2. For some teams, Week 2 matchups are important. The results are worth celebrating, and a win instills all kinds of confidence. I mean that in all sincerity, as every team in the NFL is at a different point in the developmental process. But the Patriots are not that team. The month of September is more or less an extended preseason for New England http://www.authenticsnewenglandpatriots.com/cheap-marcus-cannon-jersey , and this game isn’t likely to matter at the end of the season unless the Pats and Jags manage to finish with identical records. And I just don’t see that happening, to be honest. I said the same thing when the Chiefs beat the Patriots in Week 1 of last year, and New England ended that season with the Number One seed.No Marcus Cannon. The Patriots also lost Flowers and Chung to concussions, which meant that three key pieces of the team that the Patriots would need to beat the Jaguars were out. The early pressure that Brady felt, his inability to get into any kind of rhythm, his inaccuracy, a lot of that stemmed from the pressure that the Jaguars were able to get when the game first got going, and LaAdrian Waddle got tossed around for much of the game. I don’t want to say that getting Cannon back in the lineup is an instant fix, but it’s definitely going to help. Expected offensive rust. This is more or less exactly what I expected from the Patriots offensively, especially early in the year. We saw it against the Texans; tentativeness, difficulty by the receivers getting separation, and some miscommunication. But that’s OK http://www.authenticsnewenglandpatriots.com/cheap-elandon-roberts-jersey , because the Patriots will be able to figure this out and come back next week with the necessary adjustments. Plus...you know. There’s that whole Josh Gordon guy. He’s pretty okay, I guess.Defense. There isn’t another defense like Jacksonville’s. This was the best defense the Patriots will see this year. The blueprint for beating the Patriots hasn’t really changed in a decade plus; the reality is that there just aren’t that many teams who can do it defensively while also putting a solid game together on offense. Going up against that defense, on the road, in the heat...I’m OK with it. And as a defensive guy, I really enjoyed watching what the Jags could do to an offense still trying to find it’s feet.We’ll see them again. The AFC South is going to be an incredibly interesting division to watch. While it’s still way to early to make any real judgments, it seems that the Jaguars are the favorites to win that division – which means the Patriots will see them again in the postseason. And New England usually does pretty well in rematches. When the game really matters, I’m confident that the result will be different, regardless of where it’s played.

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