#1 Jitter and Beta Problems von -etch- 19.06.2008 17:19


I have a problem with my scans:
I use The Pioneer DVR-111 for burning, but with Plextor Premium and PX 716A it is the same problem. The media I use at the moment are Sony CD-R, Verbatim Super AZO Data Life Plus, Plextor CD-R (Tayo Yuden), TDK CD-R.

But at all of them the Jitter is in the - direction, so I can't see it and the Beta is too high and I can't see it too.
This is an example with Pioneer-Verbatim:

Jitter Beta
Max -5.44 % 12.0 %
Min -6.11 % 8.9 %
Avg 0.00 % 0.0 %

The scans I make with one of my two PX 716A, but it's the same on both.

Now I want's to know, if it is an problem with the software ore if my 5 drives are bad burner or if the PX-716A' are bad reader, or all my media are bad.
My System is openSUSE 10.3 at the moment and I use the Compilation for 10.3 from http://download.opensuse.org/repositorie...e/openSUSE_10.3
(moved there by Guru)
Many Thanks

#2 RE: Jitter and Beta Problems von Shinobiteno1 10.09.2008 08:37

Can excessive PC case vibration produce such result?? Can you take off physically any drive out of pc, but with cables attached and put it on.. a chair or .. book on the floor?

Just a wild guess.

#3 RE: Jitter and Beta Problems von -etch- 30.11.2008 09:36

Sorry, I can't test it, because I have updated to openSUSE 11.0 an now qpxtool does not work.

#4 RE: Jitter and Beta Problems von piewie 11.04.2009 01:24


qpxtool-0.6.1 compiled fine here on SLES 10 SP2

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